Usability Testing
At Learning Touch we take usability very seriously. When we say "toddler tested and approved" we mean it!

Feedback from users is a key part of the usability refinement process. Our apps are as good as they are because of all the parents who have watched their kids play and then told us how to make our games better: more fun, more educational, more engaging. We always love hearing from parents.

Todd Lappin, though, took it to a whole new level when he posted a video of his 2.5 year-old daughter having problems playing FirstWords on a brand-new iPad.

Message to Todd: next time you can use the contact form on this website!

And for Todd's daughter we have good news: a fix is on the way! The screen shot below shows the new home screen for FirstWords: Animals. If you'd like to test this before we submit it to the App Store, have your dad send us the UDID of his iPad and we'll happily send him a test copy. We'd love to have your feedback.

We love it when parents tell us how their kids are playing and learning with Learning Touch software.

We've selected a few e-mails below. If you'd like to share your experience, you can leave a public comment in the iTunes Store, or you can send us direct feedback using our Contact Form.

"I would like to say how impressed I am with your product. My two-year-old son LOVES it, and in only a week or so he has evolved from just placing the letters randomly to first reading them out-loud then reading the word, then placing them in order. I sincerely believe this is the BEST program for toddlers on the iPhone/iPod touch."

"I have preschool twins, and we have had this for several months... I don't leave home without my iTouch. My kids love to play this game, and are spelling and learning their animals a full grade above their level."

"Great app! My 2 yr old loves it. It's been fun to watch his finger coordination improve, and he spelled PIG on the fridge by himself!"

"Great for my 3 year old. She is spelling the words to me at random. Identifying them in books and trying to write them."

"Great game for toddlers and I love the update... This is my 18 month old daughter's fave app... She wows people wherever we go when she plays it!"

"This is a great app. My 2.5 yr old loves playing "animal sounds." He then spelled a word on his own with fridge magnets. This was the first iPhone app we bought, and now our standards are pretty high!"

"Awesome app. Was very easy to teach my toddler. He's 22 months and can identify nearly all capital letters. One of the best apps I've bought. Keeps him entertained and learning. A lifesaver at the doctor and most everywhere. My son LOVES this app!!! p.s. Great update!"

"The update just made this the best app for a toddler. My 18 month-old just loves this game. Thanks."

"My daughter is 2 and loves this game! She has learned to master the game all by herself. She now turns on the iPhone by herself and finds the game. She can spend an hour straight playing this game. It is very educational and motivates her to learn new words and letters. Great Job!"

"Great educational game...our 3 year-old loves it...learns the animals and now the game speaks the letter as she moves them. She now points out letters on the computer keyboard and says them!"

"My son he 3 years old and he love this app so much thank you for adding the sound, he read alone with it & he laugh oh! Thank you so much."

"Simply Incredible! Finally a game of interest AND navigable for a two year old."

"This is a great app. My 2 year-old doesn't talk and he knows how to move the letters to match and gets so excited when the picture moves after he's done. If anything, he'll know how to spell when he decides to talk."

"Julian loves this game, plays it every night before bed. He can now recognize the letters and put them in the right place. He's got all the animal names down pat too. Soon he'll be saying the letters too."

"This application was well received by my young kids. Most interestingly, I felt it gave the youngest kids finger manipulation practice. I like that the applications shows motion and provides sound as feedback when the puzzle is solved correctly. Keep up the good work."

"My 4 year old daughter loves this app! Thanks for updating with the options for removing hints and speech. This gives me a chance to make the app more challenging. It also encourages her to speech the letters herself, when the sound is taken away. I love the background motifs and how they relate to the animals. Can't wait to see what LearningTouch does next."

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